I’m a veteran designer with startup-to-IPO experience who’s worked in the worlds of advertising, contracting, marketing, higher-ed, game publishing and software. My work has been featured in 2 “best of” design books, dozens of online galleries, and 1 weird European magazine. I’ve written 4 books for the Kindle, I’ve managed projects in 5 states - and if I end this paragraph with my signature, I’m pretty sure it’ll look, like, way smart.

Helping designers to do their best work, guiding the process, and keeping the art on point.

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Rolling up the sleeves and doing the fun stuff: design, layout, and all manner of production.

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Writing the gospel of colors and shapes. Keeping things lock-step and on brand.

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Big picture. Define problems, take inventory, set goals, and check assumptions.

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Your business needs a solid design foundation to scale. My mission is to build it.


Growth plans must always consider the visual language and the brand — from product, to marketing, to social, to events, to your swag — it all matters, and you’re never too large or small to take it seriously. Do you have a brand book? How do you work with vendors? Where’s the latest version of your logo? Where can I find the goals document for your website? What does your social presence look like?


The array behind: memories from my latest gig.

Website for a product used by over 50% of the Fortune 500 and 70,000 brands worldwide.

Marketing and brand design for a software business specializing in “online reputation defense.”

Steam-based purchase flow (in-game-frame) to buy in-game credits for a series of free-to-play games.

Website redesign for the University of Colorado, Denver - and the Anschutz Medical Sciences Campus.

Application spec design for a “smart home” inventory and management software available on mobile.

Campaign design and massive interactive web launch for the MMO “TERA” video game expansion.

Revamp, style guidelines, and developer guidelines + notes + redlines for the Smartsheet careers page.

A 30 page style guide with prescriptive rules, do’s and don’ts, and examples for the Smartsheet lockup.

Smartsheet’s brand identity on display at a most exciting event, IPO-day on the New York Stock Exchange.

Customer marketing and promotional posters for books, businesses, bands, and just about everything else.

Uses / possibilities of collaborative data management, and how teams work together using Smartsheet.

Part of the larger art direction for the "20/20" project. Here: web work for pitching / testing.

Selection from an in-progress guideline (200-page brand book), specifically the sections on color and type.

PC video game launch software for the title, “Zombies Monsters Robots” with marketing features.

Adaptive web layout, book design, video editing, and print production work for the TINCTURE book series.

Web designs and art direction pitch-work to then move into testing and further research phases.

I grow ever-closer to growing a ponytail and having my wife introduce me at parties as "a novelist."

Heaven forbid.

One book of essays and two science fiction novels down. Next: A bloody epic about moonshining-whale-slavers and how I overthrew the whole lot, alone, with my bare hands and an ivory comb given to me by the ghost of William Howard Taft. Nah, not really.

Check em' out over on Amazon. (or) Learn more about the Tincture series.


"Matthew Jordan is a fantastic story teller. This book had me laughing out loud for long minutes - so much so I had to put the book down to catch my breath!"
- K. Bondo, Amazon

"The writing was very good. The thing that struck me most, though, was the world building...a world that was just different enough from our own in every sense to be unsettling but familiar."
- Scott Roche (author) House of Phobos

"The story is insanely unique, with a sci-fi western feel that re-shapes the way I feel about the genre."
- ThumpersWill (iTunes)

"It blew me away on multiple levels..this is an author you will want to be able to say you were on the ground-floor with because he's going places."
- Josh Gaines (author) The Shot

"The Wayward Irregular is a rickety wooden roller coaster ride at a condemned carnival...A loose cannon of essays blasted from a mind of schizophrenic multiplicity...This book inspires me to call my therapist..."
- Cecil L, Amazon

"Everyone who has read and enjoyed Stephen King's Gunslinger novels should really give this a go...The production is beautifully done...the music is wonderful.”
- Rusty Carl (author) War Angel

“Weird, unconventional, and irreverent only begin to describe this gem...Read the book. You'll love it. Period. In all honesty, this is science fiction at it's best.”
- craigr1971 (Amazon)

"If you're looking to get lost in a great bit of fiction that will engage your mind and your heart you've found it. Settle in and listen for a few hours or more, times as they are."
- Simsek, iTunes

"Best. Audiobook. Ever. I’ve listened to tons of audiobooks and this one is definitely the most well produced. ‘Dune’ is my second.”
- Mithys (iTunes)

Hit me up via electronic mail: channelwood (at) gmail.com, or via telepathic mind-code: “BLUE MALLARD.” Six past the blueberries and once the hypnotic bear claw strikes fourteen o’clock, you’re there. Or just email me that's cool too.

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